Once I obtained my BS in Animal Science it was official:  I was a confirmed animal geek!  A Delaware native, I chose sunny California years ago and can’t imagine living anywhere else.  My first forays into animal care were during high school, where I volunteered at the local SPCA and Wildlife Rescue Center.  Soon after I began my college education, I began working at a nearby animal hospital as a Veterinary Technician and gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the area of animal medicine and health care.  I was also a member of the Delaware Equestrian Team at the University of Delaware. 

Graduation led me into the realm of research and in the past ten years, I’ve worked in the laboratory with focuses in Diabetes, Cancer and CNS disorders.  These scientific ventures have led to my current position, as I now work in the Department of Research Compliance at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills.  My passion for animals and animal care has only progressed over the years as I began pet-sitting, occasionally worked part-time at vet hospitals and always found time to assist in rescue facilities.  Currently, I volunteer as an Animal Keeper at the LA ZOO and California Wildlife Center as time permits.





My educational background, hands-on technical experience with a variety of species and genuine love for animals have all combined to create Animal Science Pet Sitting…I hope you’ll join me as I endeavor to keep your pets happy and healthy when you are unable to do so!


“What is religion? Compassion for all things which have life.
   - Hinduism, Hitopadesa


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